Monday, March 28, 2011


The goal of this project is to develop a platform for mobile augmented reality (AR) applications that enable a user to explore and manipulate the image of an urban environment in real time. Most vision-based AR tools that exist today (including ARToolkit and Qualcomm's AR SDK) assume that the objects to be tracked are not stationary and therefore no external frame of reference is used to guide object recognition and tracking. If, however, the objects to recognize are facades of buildings and signs in a city, we can use sensor data (GPS/compass/etc) to roughly estimate our position and pose (as is done with Layar) and use vision techniques to more precisely align a 3D data overlay.

The ultimate goal is to produce a set of tools packaged as a unified toolkit that can prove useful to the growing community of "creative coders" working in the fields of art and design.

Check out the project proposal for more.