Monday, May 23, 2011

Website + Documentation Draft

Working on the organization and layout for the toolkit website. Gave it a name, a look, and some bold words to describe the major functions.

Of course, I haven't even finished the code yet. But I think tackling the challenge of how to organize the documentation at this stage will guide me in refactoring the code and making it as clear as possible as I finish writing the first release.

The (home - download - docs - gallery - forum) navigation items come from a survey of the homepages for some of the toolkits that inspired this, such as ProcessingOpenFrameworks, and Cinder.
I want a demo video to go on the right side. I guess I need to make that some time, too.

The class overview page for "augment." Not as explicit as a UML diagram, not as verbose as a Javadoc or doxygen documentation, I'd like to present the most relevant information up front and hide the details until clicked upon. The cyan entries are the public interface-- either public methods or members with at least a getter/possibly a setter. The private stuff should be hidden by default. This could look really nice with some jQuery sliding menu magic.

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  1. A year since last update? Where have you been, this is a nice blog keep us updated! :)